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Art Bazaar – VR Chennai – February 2 & 3


The first edition of the Madras Art Guild is a part of VR Chennai’s Connecting Communities© initiative, an ongoing project that aims to encourage civic pride, strengthen the local economy and enhance the city’s image.   

In addition to ongoing exhibitions, installations and public art projects, each weekend of the programme features a unique event. 

On February 2nd and 3rd is the MAG Art Bazaar, during which artisans will display and sell exquisite handicrafts, ranging from Kashmiri carpets to Chettinad terracotta décor and much more. 

The Art Bazaar features 35 exceptional vendors includingAqua Outback – Shell jewellery by designer Michelle Stuart,  Thandalam – Homemade food and gardening products including pickles and panchakavya, by a women’s self-help group,   Pebbles of Nature – Paraben and chemical-free bath and beauty products made of raw materials by Namrata Nayar,   Afshana – Decoupage canvas shoes, customised with hand-painted designs of your choice,  Mantra Gold Coatings – Gold plated, silver plated, brass and copper products by Pankaj Bhandari,    Swasm – Toxin-free pure soy wax candles by Shiny Maria,  Earthworks – Hand-painted bags featuring homegrown Indian designs including Gond, Patachitra and Kalamkari art, Earthy Allure – Home décor by potter Richa Tikmani, and Jungle Jewels – Seed jewellery by designer Murali


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