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Rare heart surgery performed by SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Kattankulathur


A 54 year old man, developed severe chest pain with breathlesness and got admitted at
Thanjavur Medical college Hospital, where he underwent investigations which revealed Acute
Type 1 Aortic dissection(Tearing of Aorta which is the main Blood vessel that takes the blood
from Heart to Other parts of body), and with damage of Aortic Valve. Post diagnosis he was
referred to SRM Medical College Hospital, Kattankulathur for further treatment.
The patient was recommended Bentall procedure – a surgical procedure where the Aortic Valve
is replaced with an artifical aortic valve. A team of suregons from SRM Medical college
succesfully performed this surgery and the patient was discharged post observation.
The procedure takes upto 10 to 12 hours and is complex to perform. “In India, very few
surgeons perform this procedure due to lack of expertise, infrastructure and failure in diagnosing
the cause of the heart ailment. Lot of medical centres do not have the right infratructure and the
expert team to perform the surgery. Also, hospitals do not diagnose the aortic rupture and they
recommend the usual surgery post which it turns fatal for many”, says Dr SrinivasReddy Sr
Consultant .& CT Surgeon, SRM Medical Colllge and Hospital. The Procedure was performed
by the team of CT surgeons led by Dr Reddy
This scenario is very rare and extremely life threatening. Such conditions are developed due to
high blood pressure, mental and physcial stress and irregular treatment of heart ailments.


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