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Chancellor of SRM Inaugurated SRM Alumni Association Chennai Chapter


The Chennai based alumni of SRM inaugurated the Chennai chapter of SRMIST
Alumni Association on 9th February 2019 under the auspices of the Hon
Chancellor Dr Paarivendhar at the Vadapalani campus, SRMIST. The event was
attended by over 200 alumni from the city. The Chancellor interacted with the
alumni and exhorted them to have an active chapter. He mentioned that the
strength of the alumni is the strength of the Institute and that the University is
growing continuously with top grades in NAAC and NIRF. He asked the alumni to
share their knowledge with the students and to contribute by way of scholarships,
book donations, etc. The highlight of the program was the Chancellor’s offer of
discounts to alumni in SRM hospital, admission of wards to SRMIST and other
sister concerns of SRM. He also reminded the alumni of their duty in voting for the
right people in the upcoming elections. Prof Venkataramani, Director Alumni
Affairs, Dr Leenus Martin, Director Campus Life and Dr Duraivelu, Dean,
Vadapalani campus felicitated the alumni. Mr Arokia Inian (1991 Mech),
President, Chennai chapter and Director, Eminent Software and Solutions gave the
welcome speech. Mr Kritik Abiram (1995 ECE), Director, Anjanas, gave the vote
of thanks. The representative alumni ranged from the earliest batches of 1989,
1990 and 1991 to the latest batches of 2017 and 2018. The Chancellor presented a
copy of his book Paavendhar Kavithaigal to the alumni. A host of entertainment
events was held with performances by alumni and students. The alumni reiterated
their commitment to the alma mater and voiced their support for future events.


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