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SRMIST and TERRE Policy Centre organised a roundtable consultation


SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai and TERRE Policy Centre, a not-for-
profit environmental organization, Pune have organized the SRM Group Meeting on SDGs and
Smart Campus Cloud Network on 17 th May 2019 and roundtable consultation on “Mainstreaming
SDGs in Education and building the partnership through Smart Campus Cloud Network
(SCCN)’ on 18 th May 2019.
The Lead Remarks about SDG’s programme implemented Indian Universities and their
development among all Universities are given by Prof. Bhushan Patwardhan (Vice Chairman
UGC).The Lead message from Prof. M P Poonia (Vice Chairman AICTE) about the
Mainstreaming SDGs in Education and building the partnership among the universities are given
byShri. M. Sundaresan, Regional Officer & Assistant Director in the meeting. Dr. T.R.
Paarivendhar, Founder Chancellor, Prof. Sandeep Sancheti, Vice Chancellor and Prof. N.
Sethuraman, Registrar, SRMIST made their gracious presence during the roundtable
Overall the history was made when Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, called
“No One Is Left Behind” was adopted by all Member States of United Nations in 2015. The
Agenda provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, to achieve
the 17 SDGs by 2030 which constitute a clarion call for action by global partnership.
Understanding the urgency, TERRE Policy Centre has launched Smart Campus Cloud
Network (SCCN) with a vision to create a global network of the education campuses of schools,
colleges, institutes and universities committed to make a tangible contribution to the UN SDGs.
UNESCO, UGC and AICTE have keenly supported SCCN. SRM Institute of Science and
Technology in association with TERRE Policy Centre are organized and successfully completed
the roundtable consultation on how to leverage SCCN to build extensive partnerships.
Other invitees include high level officials from universities, VCs, Deans and experts
participated for the round table discussion. All members are discussed about their universities
SDG’s goals development and given the valuable suggestion to improve the SDG’s Goals in the
University campus level all over the India. In future, SRMIST may be nomination of SCCN Hub
for Southern India and to prepare the roadmap to start active SCCN engagements in Southern
Indian Universities.


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