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India’s first female sexual health centre launched at Ferticon-2019


”Ferticon-2019′, the seventh International Symposium on Reproductive Medicine was inaugurated here
on Sunday.
Hosted by the Aakash Fertility Centre and Hospital, the event was inaugurated by newly elected DMK
South Chennai Lok Sabha member Ms Thamizachi Thangapandian in the presence of Hospital
Founders Organising Committee President Dr T Kamaraj and Organising Committee Chairman Dr K S
Jeyarani Kamaraj.
As part of the two-day event, technical sessions were held yesterday and the conference was formally
inaugurated today.
The event was held in association with Indian Association for Sexology and World Association of
Sexology (WAS) and the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI).
During the formal inauguration, Indian Society for Reproductive Medicine (ISAR) President Dr Jaideep
Malhotra was presented with the Lifetime Achievement award.
India’s first Female Sexual Health Centre was also launched on the occasion by the Chief guest. The
centre would function in Aakash Fertility Centre in which various treatment options and counselling would
be provided to women facing sexual and infertility problems, including IUI (insemination), IVF (test tube
baby), ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection), microsurgery for tubal repair, semen banking, embryo
freezing, laproscopy and hysteroscopy.
It would also offer advanced infertility management like laser assisted hatching and pre-implantation
genetic diagnosis.
Ms Tamizachi Thangapandian said the Aakash hospital offers advanced treatment and provides a ray of
hope for issueless couples to become proud parents through IVF treatment.
She appreciated Dr. Jeyarani for her vibrant personality and making the vision true by making a
difference in the field of Women Reproductive Medicine. She added Dr. Jeyarani is giving the Couple
an Array of Hopes and make them give birth and a Child in their hands. Taking part in many
conferences, conducting many workshops, and holding many responsibilities she continuously making
the difference in her vision and profession gives her a surprise and respect on her. She thanked Dr. T.
Kamaraj and Dr. Niveditha and Dr. Siddarth for giving her a big support for all this success.
She strongly confronted about our traditional Medicines and said in this era due to various reasons of
Infertility the Doctor professionals have to intervene and support the society from Infertility.She quoted
the Teachers and Doctors have no retirement and requested the Doctors to render the service as their
Way of Life but not as a profession.
She correlated Che Guevara, cherished Revolutionary Leader and Doctor by profession with Dr.
Jeyarani Kamaraj. His Dream as a Doctor served large needs of Latin American countries conducted
more Eye Camps and medical camps. But after the Death of Che Guevara the Cuban Government
received a letter from a men stating the sincere thanks to Che Guevara that he could see the grandson
playing, lovely movies and the world around due to the courtesy of his service by the men who is none
other than the son of the retired army person who shot and killed Che Guevara. In the official Newspaper
of Cuba it is mentioned as “Che Guevara after 40yrs to Win a battle”. Same way Dr. Jeyarani Kamaraj is
winning the battle as a Doctor by making the fruitful dreams come true.
She finally ended with a Russian poem in her inaugural address. It’s a shame if we Discord a beggar or
sexual worker, if we pour the water in your hand we can see the miniature of the world. Same way she
requested the doctors to be uncorrupt and clean.
She Presented the Lifetime Achievement Award for Dr. Jaideep Malhotra, President , ISAR, who is the
st Women President of ASPIRE. She is the pioneer, eminent speaker , multi facet personality has
adopted more than one lakh downtrodden kids. She has conducted more workshops for the Upliftment

of women . Her service is thought provoking both on rural and corporate level. Many ART centres up to
Nepal , Bangladesh with quality and good guidance. A very well deserving person to felicitate Lifetime
Achievement Award.
The conference discussed recent advancements and treatments available for infertility,
besides problem solving sessions in fertility, laparoscopy procedures, azoospermia management,
guidelines for IVF, ovarian reserve, PGD, cervical incompetence, genital TB in infertility, among others.
More than 1,000 delegates, including a few from foreign countries participated in the event and share
their expertise.
They said the science of infertility was fast advancing and needs thorough counselling
and management.
Ferticon offered a platform for gaining knowledge through interaction between the experts
and practitioners in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.


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