Women Power international Foundation, a NGO which won
the championship Award in World Summit on Information Society (WSIS 2019) which is
a UN forum which recognizes sustainable projects worldwide was inaugurated by Thiru
B.V.Ramana, Ex Minister, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Mrs.Maryam Abdul Qadir, Secretary,
4M Trust and Dr.Subramanayam Sharma, CMD, Sudeshka Group, Bangalore offered
their guest of honor address. Dr. Ravichandran Krishnamoorthy, Founder, Women
Power international Foundation offered the welcome address and explained the women
Women Power will be a brand which will be exclusively selling women made products
through a unique E-commerce platform. The women entrepreneurs developed by a
NGO can become a member in this platform and display their products and sell their
products directly to the customer.
Rural women are key agents for development. They play a catalytic role towards
achievement of transformational economic, environmental and social changes required
for sustainable development. But limited access to credit, health care and education are
among the many challenges they face. These are further aggravated by the global food
and economic crisis and climate change. Empowering them is essential, not only for the
well-being of individuals, families and rural communities, but also for overall economic
productivity, given women’s large presence in the agricultural workforce worldwide.
Also Women Power understands the importance of entrepreneur education among
university students and has proposed to develop Business Incubator Centers which
organizes various production/assembling exercises in colleges. These exercises calls
for triggering the innovative skills with the university students and brings out quality
products in to the market. The university professors acts a catalyst to bring out the
innate talents of the students.
Business Incubator Centers in Colleges/ Universities
Women Power International Foundation collaborates with colleges/Universities to
promote Business Incubator Centers. This Incubator Centers will convert the
experiential learning programs into real entrepreneurs. Women Power will organize
various training programs which enables the students on various entrepreneurship
development programs.
Activities Planned in Colleges – Assembly of Desktops, Mobile Servicing Course,
Craftsmen Courses, IOT innovators & Assembly / Training of Electrical and Electronic

Women Power International Foundation prepares the kids to be self-employable and to
bring out their inert talents by way or organizing various Experiential Learning Programs
in schools from the standard 6 to 12. These Programs will lead the students to feel the
innovations and will also try doing the activities in higher secondary schools.
Activities Planned in Schools – Brainstorm Bins, Solution Box, Share Tank, Genious
Hour, Ted-Ed Club, Innovative Recyclers & Robotic Designers
Mrs. Alphina Jos, Director of Women Power International Foundation offered the closing
remarks and stress the important role of corporates in women power development.
WOMEN POWER – Empowering Women
While women, especially in the rural areas, are enthusiastic to convert their skills into
tangible items like arts and crafts, handicrafts, everyday consumables, healthcare,
etc, they do not have direct access to customers. This need is what Women Power will
fulfill. Women Power will develop entrepreneurs, through NGOs and will be a brand
which will exclusively sell these women-made products.
The brain child of this is Dr.Ravichandran, Professor in New York Institute of Technology
at Abu Dhabi. An astute and result oriented professional with 22 years of extensive
experience in operations, business development, academics and institution building. He
has received many awards, the most recent one being Championship Award from WSIS
2019 an UN forum for developing Arpuda App – a sustainable educational model.
Mrs Alphina Jos, CEO of BWDA Finance Ltd, a micro finance institutions based in TN,
is also a director in Women Power. She has won many awards, including Mother
Theresa women entrepreneurship awards.
Mrs Vaidehi Ravichandran, a dedicated homemaker and pioneer in training
homemakers on handicrafts and cooking menus, is the Resident Director of Women
Power. She has received the Championship Award from WSIS 2019, a UN forum for
developing women power – a sustainable Rural Development model.


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