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BE THE BOOK by Padmini Viswanathan & Aparna Kamakshi in the presence of author V. Sriram & Mrs. Seetha Ravi (Kalki)


About Padmini Viswanathan

Padmini Viswanathan has been living in Chennai since her marriage in 1969. She has been writing for her personal pleasure since 40 years. She has had articles published in many publications. She published her first book “Nostalgia “ in 2014 and “Mylapore Lodge” in 2015. Now together Aparna and Padmini have written BE THE BOOK, the Self-Publishing route to Self Discovery. This book provides insights into the many ups and downs of Self-Publishing and of the lessons learnt in the process.

About Aparna Kamkshi

One of the most gracious persons, Aparna Kamakshi was humorous finding a practical satirical twist to every critical moment, a leading light for forbearance and an iron will. Never wasted a moment, Aparna was ever industrious. Wrote, stitched, painted, helped, mentored ( many times unknowingly) packed in more than most without much ado. Her patience with needle work & her ability to write on simple topics & relationships were admirable. She was an asset in every job she undertook.


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