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Twitter partners with India Foundation to release #First100Days: a video series showcasing the experiences of India’s 9 first-time MPs


●        #First100Days features the journeys of first time MPs like Jothimani, JamyangTseringNamgya, Aparajita Sarangi

●        The series aims to connect MPs with their constituents, and highlight their work on issues close to the heart of their communities, such as agriculture, employment, adoption of emerging technology, water conservation, poverty, etc.

September 23, 2019:Twitter is the best and fastest place to see what’s happening in India and across the world. As the 17th Lok Sabha completes its first 100 days, Twitter India in partnership with India Foundation has released a new video series, entitled “#First100Days”.

Featuring 9 first-time Members of Parliament (MP) from across the country, the video series bring alive the vision of the MPs for #NewIndia and their aspirations for their constituencies.

Recorded in English, Hindi and their respective regional languages, the videos feature the following MPs talking about how Twitter has been helping them in connecting and communicating with constituents, engaging with young voters, and receiving feedback from citizens on critical issues relevant to their daily lives.

1.     Jothimani (@jothims) Karur, Tamil Nadu ( View here)

  1. Arvind Dharmapuri (@Arvindharmapuri), Nizamabad, Telangana (View here)
  2. Aparajita Sarangi (@AprajitaSarangi), Bhubaneshwar, Orissa (View here)
  3. Dr. Rajdeep Roy (@drrajdeeproy), Silchar, Assam (View here)
  4. JamyangTseringNamgya (@MPLadakh), Ladakh (View here)
  1. PratimaBhoumik (@PratimaBhoumik)Tripura West, Tripura (View here)
  2. Raju Bista, Darjeeling (@RajuBistaBJP), West Bengal (View here)
  3. Sri Krishna DevarayaluLavu, Narasaraopet (@SriKrishnaLavu), AP (View here)
  4. Oja Queen, Gauhati(@oja_queen), Assam (View here)

Payal Kamat (@PayalKamat) Senior Associate, Public Policy and Government at Twitter India, said, “We live in times where digital discourse is indispensable. Leaders and citizens alike take to Twitter to know what’s happening and engage with each other. In line with our commitment to serve the public conversation, we are excited to have played a role in empowering dialogue and engagement between leaders and their constituencies”


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