Join hands and Quench the thirst of needy Animals and Birds


Chennai, March 27, 2021: People For Cattle in India (PFCI), launched the Water Bowl
Challenge at Hotel Ambassador Pallava today (March 27 th ). PFCI is an NGO formed by the
Animal Lovers to promote Animal Welfare and prevent Animal Cruelty in India. PFCI has
been conducting the Water Bowl Challenge since 2014.
Global warming has caused rising temperatures and hotter summers. Animals face distress
due to lack of water and suffer from parched throat and dehydration. The objective of the
Water Bowl Challenge is to encourage people to place water bowls in their houses, terrace,
balcony, garden, office, streets and wherever possible to quench the thirst of birds and
The Water Bowl Challenge 2021 was launched by IPS officer Balakrishnan, actor Sibiraj,
actor Neelima and others. Popular actress Regina Cassandra will be this year’s campaign
brand ambassador. In a brief video, she urged people to put out a bowl of clean water for
neighbourhood animals & birds.
To participate in the water bowl challenge, one has to collect his/her water bowl from PFCl,
click a picture with an animal/bird drinking water from the bowl and challenge 5 people to do
the same. The participants have to use the hashtag #WaterBowlChallenge &

WaterBowlChallenge2021. Ten of the most creative entries will qualify for surprise gifts

from PFCI Team. The last date to submit your entries is April 25. Winners will be announced
on the same day.
Access to clean water is a privilege for animals, who otherwise have to depend on unhygienic
sources. Understanding their plight, Mr. Arun Prasanna, PFCI Founder requested everyone
to place a bowl of water for animals. Since its inception, The Waterbowl challenge has
attracted the attention of Celebrities, noted Industrialists and Bureaucrats and their
participation has helped spread awareness among people.
This year’s Water Bowl Challenge was partnered by reputed pet food brand, Royal Canin and
Mr Govind of Royal Canin said, “ it’s an important cause to support considering this year’s
summer has already scorching heat. One small step from Royal Canin in collaboration with
PFCI towards making a better world for pets”.

In 2021, PFCI expects the same enthusiasm and excellent participation. The pandemic has
raised significant awareness among people and made them sensitive to the care of Flora &
Sign up to collect a free PFCI bowl and participate in the challenge. Bowls are allotted on a
first come first serve basis.

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