The Soul Sojourn: the complete healing and retail therapy by The Magical Orb

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The Magical Orb by Priyanka Aditya Baid and Aaliiyaa H Jarriwala, holistic healers and spiritual mentors brought a magical extravaganza of wellness for the city’s mind, body and soul. The guests of honour for the event were Apsara Reddy, AIADMK Spokesperson, Khatija Rahman, Social Worker & Director of AR Rahman Foundation, Neerja Malik, Cancer Counsellor & Inspirational Speaker, Rinku Mecheri, Chairperson of FICCI FLO Chennai and Vidya Singh, Fitness Icon and also the general public who seemed to enjoy the unique pop-up.

The Soul Sojourn was a successful vision to bring together an exclusive retreat with the best healers, therapists, wellness-products and organic food all under one roof curated by the duo. The pop-up featured 14 stalls with a mix of conscious clothing, healing therapies, organic food under one roof which was put together by two women entrepreneurs who have now come in public with their all women’s team and aspire other women to do the same.
Featured were stalls like Auroville’s chic Upasana, organic bed linen from Divleen’s Glory and organic skincare and hair care from Aurv Organics. Apart from these, stalls from Mumbai such as Vibe with Juuhi, Ankiyta’s Divine Tarot will made their debut. There were stalls which focused on art therapy by Vasusri Jhaver and Dayaline Sivakumar, too. Food lovers made their stop at Vandy Snacks, Healthylicious Bakes and B2S1.
The public got an experience to get in touch with their spiritual side and take a journey at The Soul Sojourn and were seen to have indulged in the world of curated, organic, and conscious retail therapy with healing crystals and gems, therapy artwork, sustainable clothing, cold pressed oils and much more!

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