SECURE OUR CITY to Instal (CCTV) for more than 10,000 buildings across a city.


SECURE OUR CITY is a project aligned to ensure the Safety and Security of the people and their properties. The initial phase of the project will provide free installation of Security surveillance systems (CCTV) for more than 10,000 (Ten Thousand) buildings across a city. This includes free service and product warranty for two years (as per global Standards) to our customers worldwide, sat Rijoy Thomas

Secure Cam launched its digital marketing campaign on the occasion of Srishti” (Ethiraj women’s college day).The campaign is aimed at raising awareness among the public, especially women about how technology can indeed play a pivotal role in safeguarding individual security. The project was conceptualized to ensure a safer environment and achieve economic and social upliftment of the community, especially of women and children. Our idea is to create a network of micro safe zones in urban, semi-urban and rural areas across India. As a private player, we are quite excited about the project and the social-economic change it can bring about.
We believe that when the women of our country are secure, the world around us will transform to be a better place,” says General Manager Sneha Mohandoss.

There is no better platform than this (Ethiraj women’s College day Srishti )for us to kick start our digital campaign to create awareness about how deployment of right technology solutions can create a secure environment. We want to ensure that the facility is provided to a building that has not yet been secured,” says Emil Jose, Chief Operating Officer, Secure Cam.

We want to emphasize that Secure Cam is providing the security service completely free of cost,” says Ahmed Sarour Al Marar, Abu Dhabi Business Partner at Secure Cam.
Secure Cam, a UAE based firm with the presence in India is all set to launch the Secure Our City campaign in India. The name of the first City will be announced soon and the digital marketing campaign is a precursor to the launch.

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