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We walk for plastic team along with vooki, conducting a mass cleaning Activity named “Payanam 100” on 20th April 2023. In payanam 100, thousands of volunteers will collect littered plastics in the roadsides of the Chennai City and recycle it. With that revenue, we would be able to help 5 children’s education. We will be walking in 7 different routes around in chennai and completing it in CIPET. he mastermind behind this greatest endeavour is Artist B. Gowtham, Founder of Walk For Plastic. He is well known for his art works and his notable art is ‘CORONA HELMET’ which became viral globally during corona pandemic time. By making his art as a tool, He created Various art works to create awareness about plastic pollution and sustainable living. For his immense work towards nature and society, he received “Chennai citizen 2020” Award and “En Chennai Young Chennai” award for walk for plastic and Art Kingdom.

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