United Industries Auto Plastic Pvt. Ltd: all set to become a benchmark in theInjection Moulding Industry


Today marks an exciting milestone in the manufacturing industry as United Industries Auto Plastic Pvt.
Ltd., a joint venture plant in Pochampalli, officially announces its launch. UI Auto Plastic has been
established as an equal partnership joint venture between two fastest growing injection moulding companies

  • United Industries Plastic Pvt. Ltd. and VTK Industries Pvt. Ltd with a motive to manufacture
    top-notch components for OLA electric scooters. The plant was inaugurated today in the presence of Joung
    Kwang Souk (Managing Director, Seoyon E Hwa Summit India Pvt. Ltd.) and Seunghwan Nam
    (Director, Seoyon E Hwa Summit India Pvt. Ltd.) at UIAPPL, Bargur SIPCOT, Pochampalli, Tamil
    The plant is put together to manufacture various plastic components that go into the Ola Electric
    scooters such as exterior parts, seat base assemblies, charger components, motor components, battery cell
    holders, etc. The company holds a total of 10 acres of land and the plant is set up with a production capacity
    to manufacture components for 3,00,000 scooters per annum. It is uniquely positioned to meet the
    growing demand for high-quality components in the rapidly expanding electric scooter market and is equipped
    to enhance its capacity by 5x. They currently supply to Seoyon E Hwa, a Korean MNC which is a Tier 1
    vendor to OLA Electric.
    With a strong focus on innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility, UI Auto Plastic is poised to make
    a lasting impact on the industry and the communities it serves. By investing in state-of-the-art technology and
    fostering a culture of continuous learning and development, it aims to provide stable employment for a diverse
    and talented workforce. Currently the first phase of construction is completed and the plant will employ
    approximately 350 people. The team officially announced that 95% of employment will be from local
    villages in and around the plant. The company’s commitment to fair wages, equal opportunities, and a safe
    work environment ensures that employees thrive both personally and professionally.
    In addition to employment generation, sustainability is a key pillar of UI Auto Plastic’s’ corporate philosophy.
    As the world increasingly focuses on environmentally responsible practices, the company is at the forefront of
    driving positive change. By leveraging cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and materials, the company
    minimizes waste, reduces energy consumption, ensures there are no discharges or pollutants, and
    limits its carbon footprint. The products are also not single use and are often used in car or vehicle
    applications which are known for their durability. To add on to these features, the team stated that
    the plastics that are used for manufacturing are completely recyclable and reusable.
    The team is well-equipped with staff, technology and expertise. With over 2 decades of experience and achieving
    manufacturing excellence at various global MNCs, UI Auto Plastic is all set to become a benchmark in this
    industry with its strong principles and commitment to deliver excellence.
    ” said Joung Kwang Souk (Managing Director, Seoyon E Hwa Summit India Pvt. Ltd.)
    The Managing Director of United Industries Plastic Pvt Ltd, Karthik Mahalingam stated

    _” said Sree Venkata Teja K (Managing Director, VTK Industries Pvt. Ltd.)
    Media contact – Upasana Shree: +91 97908 21017 | Karthik: +91 98402 45323

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