Just Studio Came Forward To Support Many Villagers Across Bengal During Covid 19 Crisis


While the Coronavirus pandemic keeps the entire country in lockdown, situations are getting worse at places that have less connectivity and access to cities.
With no regular supply of food and grocery at numerous villages across Bengal because of poor connectivity and zero vehicle movement, hunger seems like a greater concern than COVID 19 right now.

“It has come to our notice that one such village in Purulia, Tulsibari, needs immediate relief, which is the home to hundreds of daily wagers and farmers. Tulsibari needed immediate attention to ensure that the villagers don’t suffer from hunger and malnutrition in these days of the mandated lockdown. We at Just Studio took a timely initiative to ensure that these families are supplied with basic rations for survival. ” says Suchandraa Vaanjya, CEO of Just Studio.
Mr. Vaanjya further ads “While we try and accumulate funds for this initiative, it is needless to say that we don’t have enough. We are therefore requesting all our friends in Media and Entertainment to come forward and help us out in this initiative in whatever way they can. We can make it a big way through all kinds of donations, ration contribution or even simply by spreading the word in your own media outlets.”
Just Studio urges everyone to come forward and join them in this little endeavour of making sure that at least some of the citizens of this country don’t go to sleep unfed as we battle this pandemic.

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