Wed. Mar 3rd, 2021

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Dr. C. Vijayabhaskar , Minister for Health and family welfare and Dr.J .Radhakrishnan, Chief Secretory to the Govt, Department of health and Family Welfare appreciated RMD pain and Palliative care center for organizing the first state level pain management conferenceCompassionate care con , in Madurai on 21st Nov ‘20.

RMD Pain and Palliative Care Trust and Hospitals conducted the First State level Pain and Palliative care conference “Compassionate Care Con 2020” in Madurai on 21st November. Honorable Health Minister Dr. C Vijayabaskar shared a note and wished for the successful programme. The conference was inaugurated by Dr.J.Radhakrishnan IAS (Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Tamil Nadu). He said that collaborative efforts must be taken by NGOs and Government in extending palliative care to the public. He said that 60% of people reach for care only after crossing curative stage of disease. He emphasized that palliative care awareness should be there in society and people should not get panic when someone in the family become sick. Dr. Republica, Founder & Managing Trustee, said that the aim of the conference was to create awareness among Medical and Paramedical workers and the society about the need of palliative care. The Covid situation clearly brought out the difficulties people face due to co morbid condition and non- communicable disease and the need for such end-of-life care centers. Acclaimed Faculties from across India and the Globe conducted sessions on the importance of the symptoms control in diseases associated to palliative care. Over 60 delegates including Doctors, MSW students and Nurses attended the live sessions at the venue and over 135 delegates attended online. The conference was a result of an integrated mission by RMD and Prabha Medical Palliative and Hospice Center- Unit of RMD pain and palliative care trust. The conference was organized by Mr. Immanuel, Dr. Karthik and entire RMD team coordinated the event to make it a grand success.